What is Startup Weekend?


Startup Weekend is for anyone that has an idea and wants to do something with it. Everyone has ideas and taking that next step and acting on that idea is what Startup Weekend is all about. We live in a time where anything is possible and anything can be built – as long as we can bring together the right people around the right ideas. Join us at the next Bloomington Startup Weekend May 4th-6th and take a step towards turning your idea in to a reality.

Want to know more? Check out Eighteen Eighty’s video about Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend – Trailer from Eighteen Eighty on Vimeo.

STARTUP WEEKEND is a global challenge that takes place in cities all over the world – where entrepreneurs come together and turn an idea into reality within 54 hours.

This documentary short film follows the journey of two competing teams in Startup Weekend Toronto and explores what it means to start your own business.

FULL VERSION of the film can be viewed here: vimeo.com/32424882