Startup Weekend Bloomington November 9-11th Companies



A marketplace for experts of an area to upload virtual tours so tourists can download them for a small fee, in real time and mobile, anywhere in the world.

The Burbler

The Burbler is a website that takes information about events, activities, and clubs on a college campus and categorizes all of the information to provide a one-stop central location for students to go to get information about whats going on, what to do, and how to get involved on their specific campus.


MusiConnect is real-time collaboration for musicians across the globe!¬†MusiConnect is a site designed to connect musicians with resources, whether it’s other musicians to “jam” or collaborate with, new prouducers to work with, record labels to make deals with, or fans to further connect with.


An online sports agency to help junior athletes connect with coaches in USA or any other countries in the world that can either give them a chance to play professional soccer (and later, other sports too) or college level soccer who can provide the players with scholarships.


We provide a service to make online videos more valuable to their providers and to help people find where to buy items in videos by crowd sourcing retailer-linked item tags.


“Making teamwork work!”
Problem: Professors and their students face collaboration challenges in group projects due to differences in skill, personality, and background
Solution: Factor in students’ majors, GPA, skills, background, and historical individual performance within teams to facilitate group formation and to improve effectiveness


Foster niche communities where people can share their knowledge and passion!


Smuff (social ear muffs) is a company that provides a tool for companies to allow their employees access to social networking, while minimizing loss productivity time due to their social media distraction.

Right Track Manufacturing Solutions

During periods of unexpected downtime in a manufacturing environment, it is critical for a maintenance technician to have the information he needs to restore the assembly line to operation.  Leveraging QR code technology, Right Track Management Solutions minimizes unexpected downtime by delivering the right repair information at the right time.

Simple Thank You is a website and social experiment where people can share with the world what or who they’re thankful for.


An ecosystem that helps you express and share emotions in an easy and efficient way. It also gives you the opportunity to look at your emotion history and live better life.