Startup Weekend Bloomington November 2012 Resources


Startup Weekend Global Sponsor Perks – Free domain hosting, .CO domain, etc.

Startup Weekend Bloomington Welcome Packet – Details on the weekend, judging criteria, and lots of links to resources.

Global Attendee Resource Document – Great roadmap for teams for the weekend as well as links to great resources.


Great Tools for building your startup!

Business Model Canvas – One of the fastest ways to both define, test, and adapt how your business will work in the real world. A business plan on one page.

Customer Development Videos – Steve Blank Video – Customer Development is a major part of the judging criteria and essential for any successful startup. No customers = no business. Make sure you are building something customers actually will want, use and spend $$$ on before you sink months of work in to a project!

How to Build a Startup – Lean Launchpad Course – Steve Blank + Udacity (free to enroll)

Inbound Marketing Videos
The purpose of the app is to allow individuals to push a business idea out to their network (very early in the process) in order to determine whether the idea has merit, learn about potential competitors, and gain insights into what should be changed.  Think about it as the earliest of earliest steps in terms of launching a startup.  The goal is to help entrepreneurs get their idea right even before they start building an MVP.




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